Friday, March 20, 2009

Been picked up by Ilya Shafeena

Ilya Shafeena has tagged me. So here it goes.

What is the name of your blog and what is in the name?
My blog name is "Aliran". The reason i pick that name is because to transmit the expression of what i've been thinking all this while and record it in a form of web log.  In simple analogy, let assume the meaning of  "Aliran" as  the streamline of water flow. Similar to the current of ideas inside my head. Hopefully, this would explain much. Please keep in mind that i'm referring this questionaire to

What is the address of your blog and what triggered you to name it as it is?
Please refer to question number one.

Why you blogging?
I love writing eventhough not that prolific.

The style of your journalism? 
Loose, unpolished, radical & non-compromise. 

Between design and content of the blog, which most you prefer? 
The content of the blog is what i prefer the most. The blueprint comes next. 

Did you put noise widget in your blog and why? 
Nope. I prefer silence while reading.

The article you prefer the most and why? 
Cantik. I don't know why. It just pop out from my mind. The impromtu writing i suppose.

Have you ever feel of deleting your blog? 
No. Not until now. 

What is your opinion to the one wo send you this questionaire? 
Let's make her my friend first. Nothing much i know about her. So, no opinion.

The five person you would like to tag: 
  • Kord
  • Ashkam
  • Evy
  • Kierah
  • Hannah


  1. hye encik berry, ilya SYafeena la. bukan ilya SHafeena. ;)

  2. eh, evy kena tag?

    just found this blog...hehe~

    nnt evy buat k..skrg bz dgn demo lg... ;)